Electrical Fault Repairs

Helping you with car electrical fault repairs

Having problems starting your car? Can’t work out what that dashboard fault light is indicating? Don’t worry, Auto Electric Solutions will find the problem and repair it for you. You’ll be placing your car in the hands of experienced electrical technicians who will return it to you fault free.

Modern cars have electric systems that run independently and dependently on each other meaning that one fault can lead to another. Whether you’re in Birmingham or West Bromwich, our expert technicians can visit you and make your car electrical problems disappear.


Electrical fault repairs will be carried out on your car no matter how difficult they may seem. From ABS lights to starter motors and air conditioning problems, your electrical faults will be found and fixed by us!

Make an enquiry with us today and ensure your car electrics are running smoothly and safely!

We are equipped to deal with ALL car electrical systems!