Diagnostic Service

Give your car a thorough check up

Are you having problems with your car? Had it checked before and still unable to get it fixed? Let Auto Electric Solutions give you the helping hand you need. You’ll benefit from an automotive diagnostic service that uses specialist equipment to find those irritating faults within your car.

Whether it’s your engine, sensors or the interior blowers that are giving you a headache, you can be assured that it will be found and fixed by our diagnostic service.

Dealer Level Diagnostics

Auto Electric Solutions off an automotive diagnostic service that uses specialist dealer level equipment and software to solve faults within your car.

We offer diagnostics for:-

  • BMW – We have dealer level diagnostic status with our dealership connection in Germany
  • Vauxhall – We offer full support and dealer level diagnostics – all models
  • Ford – We offer full dealer level diagnostics including Euro 5 cars access
  • VW/Audi – We can investigate up to dealer level
  • Other Makes/Models – We diagnose other makes and models too, enquire for further details

We deal with all car electrical systems

You’ll get a specialist service that has the equipment to diagnose and repair all makes and models of cars. You’ll be benefiting from technicians that have had the experience of working with and diagnosing cars from leading engine companies such as Lucas, Cosworth F1 Racing and Mitsubishi Motor Sports.

Don’t hesitate if you’ve got problems with your car. Get in touch and ensure you catch out potential problems with your car now.


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